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Contor 2000 - Cosmin Damian
Contor 2000



Accounting and management for Internet Cafe

( Cybercafé)

Cosmin Damian & Mihai Dumitru


The growth of the internet users market back in 1996 combined with the expansive broadband infrastructure generated the request for a way of controlling an emerging business – the Internet Club or Internet Café; the managers were confronted with a series of problems as differentiated prices for services, security, real-time reports, controlling the employees, preventing the unauthorized access to their network and so on; they needed a coordination enabled tool  in order to regain control of their newly founded business.


The “Contor 2000” package was designed to answer challenges and bring solutions for the management of the Internet Café; with small adjustments has been used to control other heterogeneous network setups; by the year 2001 the program was running in over 100 locations in the western Romania.

The initial package suffered a lot of changes in both its core design and in the frontend. The main architecture remained the same – a core service performing various routing and firewall tasks, controlled by a small server-side client component with the ability of translating primary requests from a web interface.
Due to the modular approach, several different implementations existed, adjusted to customer requirements and various netwok setups.



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